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About The Author

Ronald Hardin was born in Kansas City Mo., July 6, 1956, moved to California six years later along with his father, James Everett Hardin and his mother, Violet May Hardin and his two sisters, Sherry Noviello,Vicky Hardin and brother,Terry Stewart. Ron was born again at the age of 12.

His paternal grandfather, Lige Hardin was a country circuit preacher in Tennessee, accepting offerings in the form of chickens, eggs and meals. His paternal and maternal grandparents were God loving and fearing people with a deep relationship with the Lord.  It was this mantle that was passed on to Ron.

In his teenage and young adult years Ron was a gang member, high school dropout and drug and alcohol user. Ron was also in and out of jail quite frequently for various violations of the law.  On various occasions during that time supernatural events by God's hand prevented him from death and the execution of evil plots.  Overcoming this lifestyle when he re-dedicated his life to the Lord and was baptized of the Holy Spirit Christmas morning 1983.

Ron came into his own ministry at the age of 28, where he started writing poems for the Lord in a prophetic form, encouraging, instructing and comforting God’s ministers and children.

Ron’s ministry, prophetic call has increased abundantly and mightily over the years.  He has written thousands of prophetic words of instruction, correction, and exhortation to ministers, churches, men of position in government and business, as well as countless saints.

His words are precise, accurate and straight from the Father’s heart.  This book contains a portion of the poems Ron has written over the years, starting in 1983.  These words of instruction, correction, encouragement and comfort all stem from real life experiences in Ron’s own walk with the Lord.  He has been through every experience that he writes about with the exception of a few, which God gives him prophetic insight.

As you read, your heart will know that the writer has experienced each situation.  His Heart’s Collection is written from the heart of a believer who has been through the trials and tribulations that he writes about.  The words come from the Father’s Heart, thus the book being entitled His Heart’s Collection.  

Ron  now resides with his wife Irma in Pomona, CA.  His family consists of two boys, Jesse James Hardin and Adrian Othello Minjares and his wife, Aida, two girls, Icelle Minjares and Cianna Marie Minjares. Along with four grandchildren, Daisy Lyn, Jesse James Jr., Matthew, Jacob and Luciano.

He is the founder along with his wife Irma of Inspired Ministries of Pomona California. Ron and Irma are ordained ministers with Christian International Apostolic Network, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  www.ChristianInternational.org



His Heart’s Collection
But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty,
that gives him understanding
Job 32:8

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